Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So not much happening cycling wise these days. I keep threatening to get on the trainer but that has yer to happen. I have been commuting back and forth to work though and try to get as much out of that ride every day that I can. I have been doing some lifting though and plan to bring the spin bike into the living room in the next couple of day so maybe I will see a HR of over 100 soon.

I also plan to get back to spin class within the next couple of weeks and hopefully get back to teaching some classes next month.

Cash For Kittens......
So now our government is trying to pass some legislation that will allow you to take a $3500.00 deduction per person, for pet care off your tax bill.Now I love my pets as much as the next guy but they are a luxury not a necessity people. Of course I'm sure that the "PETA" People are all over this one praising its existence.Give me a break.

Government Stimulus Money Going To The Middle East...
So a fellow cyclist of mine is praising the government stimulus for al the nice new paved roads that the now has to ride on. He says that they are even busy paving roads in his area. Even roads that were just done last year. He is however wise enough to realize that all that pavement leads to more oil consumption, thus fleecing the pockets of our middle eastern friends.

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