Monday, November 16, 2009

The Hunt Is Over.........

Another Archery season has passed us by and I must say it was on of the best in a while.This has nothing to do with actually killing a deer but the whole outdoor experience.The weather was near perfect and I got to take my son with me on his first hunt.I saw allot of game and got to enjoy an abundance of much needed solitude.

The First Hunt With My Son......

So it wasn't the perfect hunt.It started with him getting home late from school then deciding that he really did not want to go. So after about 20 minutes of whining and discussion he decided that he would go after all which put us in the stand about 30 minutes later than I had planned.So we got into the woods and up into the stand and I discovered that there was something wrong with the way the stand I would be sitting in was attached to the tree so I had to spend another 20 minutes fixing that.I was really getting disappointed at this point as I new that the hunt was probably going to be a wash,and this was time I had planned on just sitting and talking with him.
Regardless of all that we had a really nice time, and I am looking forward to many more days spent in the field

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