Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How about this weather????????????????

Well there is not much good to say about it for sure. Too cold to ride outside and not enough snow around here to Cross Country ski. So I am confined to indoor cycling amusement, which really is not that bad. Spin class is fun and weight lifting is what I did before cycling so it is all good. There is a cross race this weekend that a couple of team mates are doing but I am unable to attend. This hopefully wont be the norm for this season as my family has been encouraging me to get back to it. So long as work schedules don't get in the way or at least having somebody to keep an eye on my youngest fan while I participate, it should work out.

Finally some news to support..............
What I have been doing my entire life. Doctors have found that "Untidy beds may keep us healthy". I agree that there is nothing like crawling into a made bed but I just don't have the time or whatever it takes to do it on a daily basis. Now I have an excuse not to.


Henry Dimmick said...

Don't have the time to pull the sheets up over the pillow when you leave the bedroom in the morning...really?!?!?!

Affib Rider said...

No bed bugs for me.