Friday, October 14, 2011

Catching Up

Been doing more riding than blogging these days and that in my opinion is a good thing. Had a really nice ride on a dreary evening a couple weeks ago with Andy, John, Duane, and Dave. John is in the best shape I have seen him in and Duane the exact opposite. The only thing Duane had going for him was his ridiculous choice of cycling attire. I actually thought he was just playing around at the start of the ride but it did not take long to realize that he was hurting and nobody seemed to mind making him suffer a little more than he probably wanted to.
As I have stated before, the metal bridges around here are starting to get a little precarious. I somehow managed not to kill myself again on this ride when my rear tire decided it wanted to be in the lead. Fortunately the bridge is only about 8 feet long and just before I reached the point of no return my wheels hit pavement righting me. I would rather be lucky than good any day, and this time I was very lucky.

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