Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Bad Day For Frogs...Turtles, Not So Much.

Have had allot of good rides lately. Some short, some long but all high effort.

Rode with Andrew and Matt Saturday morning in the fog, drizzle, rain and downpour. We had planned to ride at 7:30 and do 40, but decided to push it back to 8:30 to miss the rain. Unfortunate for us, and the 3 dead frogs and 1 undead box turtle we saw along the way, the rain did not hold off and we spent about 45 minutes riding in it. We also had an opportunity to cut it a little short so we did and ended up with a little over 30. I haven't ridden in that hard of a rain in a while now. It actually hurt when it hit my face, even at a slow pace.

The metal bridges around Indiana County have really started to get sketchy when they are we these days. Even the short bridge on Beagle Club road sent my rear wheel into a slide.

Set a New Post Ablation PR...

On the Tanoma Loop last Thursday. 19.6 mph/30 miles. It has been awhile sense I have done that loop solo. What really surprised me was that I did not even feel like riding that night and told my wife I was going to go short and would be back in about an hour. But once I got going I felt more like riding so @ about 4 miles in I started pushing it a little bit and by the 1/2 way point had bumped my average up to 19.5, which I was pretty happy with. So I decided to see how long I could maintain it which i was able to til the end.

Near the end of the ride I happened to pass a cyclist going in the opposite direction, so I turned to chase him down. it isn't often around here to encounter somebody on the road so if it isn't somebody we know we try to find out who they are. Hate to miss out on another riding partner.

So as I said I turned around and chased him down. It actually turned out to be a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while due to conflicting schedules and such. That and the fact that his focus is on sprint triathlons so his rides are generally shorter than we usually do.

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