Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

So I thought that the infamous words of Kennny Rogers and the First Edition were fitting since it has been a while since I have posted.

To say that the last couple of years were kind of a roller coaster health wise might be an understatement. A long drawn out bout with Lymes disease and the return of my demon. (A-Flutter)  pretty much had me at my whits end up until a month ago.

The Lymes was pretty debilitating and I was unsure if cycling was going to be something I would be able to do anymore. The joy was all but gone and the drive was hot on its tail. After several rounds of antibiotics most of the symptoms had gone away but the fatigue and pain in my legs were relentless.

I was hopeful during the last round of antibiotics as i started Herxing. But unfortunately it was not the end. The fatigue was finally gone but the severe aching in my body persisted. Finally, in desperation I went to see a massage therapist thinking if nothing else I might get a little relief.

After talking with the therapist we decided that a deep tissue massage may be what I needed to release the rest of any toxins that remained in my muscle tissue. After the massage I felt a little better but did not get my hopes up. The next day I actually felt worse than before the massage but every day after that was a little better. and after about a month and other massages I was back to feeling like myself again. and finished out the cycling season in pretty good form for me anyway.


So this year I started taking some spin classes to get a early start on the cycling season. I was really enjoying the classes until my heart decided it had had enough.

Since my ablation back in 2009 I have had random heart beat anomalies (PAC, PVC) but nothing that I would classify as Affib or Flutter. But a month ago I found my self in full blow A-flutter for several days. I could get no relief. My PIP had zero effect on it and I was pretty sure I was headed for a cardioversion which was something that is defiantly not on my bucket list. Fortunately the day before I was going to go to the hospital I converted back to sinus rhythm.

I had an appointment with my EP a couple days later and he had me where a event recorder for a month and had zero presentations of any heart rhythm anomalies. So he said to carry on and keep doing what I do. So that is what I am doing. Been riding allot and will be picking up my new ride in 2 weeks.


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