Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Follow Up

Had my 2 month follow up appointment with my Electrophysiologist 

today and we reviewed what he found and did during my procedure. Apparently Atrial flutter showed up during the procedure just like it did in 2009. So he was able to go back and touch up the area he did back then. Its amazing, and in this particular case annoying, how the body heals itself. That is exactly why I found myself back in the Electrophysiology lab. 

He is very pleased with where I am right now and wants me to stop taking the blood thinners tomorrow and taper off the antirhytmic drugs over the next week. At that point I'll be med free and in sustained NSR.

Beautiful Day

For a bike ride. You don't get many 70 degree days this time of year and blue sky days happen rarely throughout the year so you don't dare pass them up if you can help it. I pieced together a loop and ended up with about 34 mile according to strava but I think its off a little bit.

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