Saturday, April 14, 2018


Well, not a complete failure. At lest not yet anyway. 

Last night when the nurse brought my evening meds. And probably about the time Brit Floyd was finishing up their first set, I went directly into affib. My heart rate was between the mid 90's  adn 150's. They called the doc and he had them give me another 25mg of metoprolol. This brought my heart down to around 105 bpm at thee high range, which he, and most importantly I could live with without concern to doing any damage to my heart. I think I mentioned that during my cardioversion TEE that it appeared that my heart may have weakened a little bit. Nothing it wont bounce back from but still not a place I want to go. 

So the options this morning were to either stay here and start another medication or go home on the Ticosyn and see how it goes. Knowing that I could still go into affib. On anecdotal note here is that yesterday for my morning meds I also to Singulair which I use for exercise induced asthma. Was this the cause for the breakthrough last night? Lord only knows. I did however communicate with a fellow affibber today and they said it took a good 3-4 weeks for the Tikosyn to fully take hold.

So now I sit here waiting on my wife to find her way to pick me up.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do......

Like I said before one of my doctors associates was in this morning to talk to me. During our  conversation I mentioned that I had contacted Dr Andrea Natale concerning my condition. I wanted to bring this up with my regular EP but I really like the guy and I know he is doing everything within his power to help me. His partner was totally respectful of me being open and understood completely why I had such a hard time bringing this up to my regular doc. We covered some other options and his opinions on those and their success factors. He was going to talk to my doc about my current situation as well as what we talked about concerning Dr Natele.

Even though I was just speaking to one of his associates I still had that it's not you its me approach which we both laughed about. It's amazing the relationship that can be formed between a caregiver and patient. That is one of my concerns about maybe having him do another procedure. I don't want him doing or trying something he has not tried before or at the very least 100 times trying to fix teh problem.

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