Friday, November 9, 2018

Waiting With Bated Breath

That's how I picture the 2 or 3 of you that visit this blog randomly.

Anyway, things are going well right now. I am completely off of the anti-rhythmic drugs and my heart continues to stay in rhythm. Its really nice to be off of the Flecanide, though I have never had any issues with it. I can't say the same for the Metoprolol but I'm stuck with that for a while I guess. I am assuming that Dr. Natale will have me stop that as well within the next month.

So far as the spinal issues those are on the mend as well and had my last visit to therapy last week. I would still like to keep going for a while but my script ran out. She was sending a letter to the doc so we will see what he says. I also got a bike ride in last week as well so things are looking up. Its been just a little over a month since I was unable to walk from one end of the house without stopping to take a break. The bodies ability to heal itself is truly amazing, though I am completely aware that the slightest wrong move could set me back to where I was. That right now is my biggest fear.

I also made my first visit back to the gym last night. In the same way I am in awe of the bodies ability to heal itself I am also frustrated in the way that it loses its fitness so quickly. The upside to that fitness and healing are pretty much the same so I know that in a relatively short period of time I'll be back on top of it.

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