Saturday, December 1, 2018

Heading Into Month #5

Working on month number 5 now. It seems just like yesterday I was in Austin having my ablation done. I'm still sending weekly reports to Dr. Natales office and everything continues to look good.

I've been keeping up with my Mg and K supplements and that appears to be keeping the eptopic beats at bay. I hope that things continue on that path. I suspect that one of these days soon that they will be having me stop the Metoprolol. Truth be told I have missed a dose or two lately with no ill effects.

Not much else has been happening these days. I'm going to hit the woods this morning as it is deer season in my neck of the woods. I have one more night shift so I wont spend more than a couple hours on stand today. Maybe I'll catch a woods nap if I'm lucky.

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