Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Monitor On Its Way

Heard from Dr. Natale's office the other day. They are sending a 7 day monitor for me to wear. This is the next step leading up to another trip to Texas Cardiac and Arrhythmia for a TEE. This test will let them know if the function of my LAA is good enough to come off of the Elequis. I'm hoping as well that I will also be coming off of the beta blockers as well.

The past year of life has had allot of ups and downs but in the end it has all seemed to work out. I haven't noticed any arrhythmia's and my back, though it still hurts some times, is no where near where it was.I have yet to start using the indoor trainer but I have been doing allot of walking and climbing the stairs at work. I think I may try to get on either the trainer tomorrow or the spin bike. I have been getting to the gym regularly though and that feels good.

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