Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Back From Austin

WOW!!! I didn't realize I hadn't finished this post........ My Bad

Had another great trip to Austin and as usual TCA and St. David’s did not disappoint. My procedure last Thursday went off without a hitch and we had som good quality time in the city.

We left for the airport the night before our flight. The flight was early so we got a hotel with long term parking so we could get a good nights sleep and be able to do some site seeing the first day there. Unfortunately things didn’t work out quite as planned not a single one of us slept the entire night and our flight was at six, and the bus to the airport was at 4:30 AM.  So that was a complete bust.

We however did catch our flight without a hitch. Of course TSA had to give me a pat down obviously they don’t like cargo shorts. They also gave my wife a hassle for the sweater she had draped over her shoulders she had to go back and take it off and put it through the x-ray. My son had zero issues walked right through no questions asked. It was a far cry better from last year‘s fiasco so I’ll take it.  One thing I will say about the TSA on our flight home the TSA in Texas were much friendlier folk and what we experienced in Pittsburgh.

Our flight to Atlanta was good but of course Delta overbooked our flight from Atlanta to Texas and were asking for people to volunteer for a later flight. At this point we were still going to get to Austin before noon so the three of us decided that we would take the bump and the $200 per person comp. However, as time progressed and the need for more people to get off the plane we ended up with $400 a person so that was a pretty good payday.

We arrived in Austin around 11:30 AM and caught a Lyft to our hotel. I will say the hotel is pretty nice. It was located within walking distance of Saint Davids it would’ve been a nice launching point for some sightseeing if that was our only reason for being there. Whatever I have in my family with me I need to somewhere for them to be entertained and I thought they could use the pool. Unfortunately the pool in the photo didn’t quite match the pool in the  pool on the premises. It actually looked Olympic size in the pictures but more like a kiddy pool in person.  I explained the situation to the hotel clerk and she seemed fine with the fact that we did not want to stay there but we had a heckuva time finding an alternative.

After about an hour and several phone calls we did finally find a place that was only marginally more expensive but had a larger pool and a nicer room. So we caught a lift to that place and we all crashed. We all finally woke up around 10 o’clock which was too late to head to the city so we just decided to order in that night.

I had an appoint with Dr. Natale  the following morning so we got up early and headed to Saint Davids so I will be on time and had breakfast. But a half hour for my appointment We headed for Dr Natale’s office. I signed in and before I could get sat down they called me back to the room. I met with one of Dr Natale’s nurses and we went over all the issues I’ve been having this year lead me to be back to their office. Dr Natale soon showed up And we went over what he Expected to find the next day during the procedure and what he would be doing.

After the appointment we headed downtown and spent the rest the day there starting on SOCO and ending up at the bat bridge.

SOCO, otherwise known as South Congress is a very nice part of town. Lots of eclectic shops with good restaurants and music venues mixed in. You could easily spend the entire day just in this area.  One of my favorite stores on the street was Big Top candy.  They had every kind of candy that you could imagine.  Every variety of gummy you could think of and bins of chocolate covered everything by the scoop. Along with bottled sodas, hand dipped ice cream and milkshakes. Veritable sweet tooth heaven. For those of you into motorcycles I highly recommend revival cycles right across street from the candy store. Definitely another kind of candy for sure. Custom bikes clothing and parts galore.

After spending several hours on South Congress we ventured towards this city center. We started out this part of the journey with lunch at a Cuban restaurant. CUBA512 was the name of the restaurant and the service and food were outstanding.Once we finish lunch we walked up to the capital building and spent some time there. Following that we headed further into the city to what is known as the dirty six.  The dirty six is the oldest part of six street where lots of older restaurants and establishments are. This is also where the college students spend a lot of their time. Lots of bars and restaurants with live music. They also shut the street down traffic after 9 o’clock. I would also recommend this area for an evening Outing. We popped into a blues bar and listen to music for a while while we are waiting for a final destinations open. The Museum of the weird.

The museum of the weird is another one of those oddities in Austin. It’s a quirky little place with quirky employees but it was fun and worth the $36 tour. Lots of old movie wax figures and a little performance put on by the tour guide. After the museum tour we headed for the Bat Bridge.

The Bat bridge was a bust for us so I'll post this link to what we expected to see.

The Ablation the next day went off without a hitch. More work on my LAA and coronary sinus and that wrapped things up. We spent a couple more days hanging at the hotel then flew back to Pittsburgh.

We had a late flight out of Austin on Sunday so we headed back to SOCO for some Mexican food and some great Blues music. Guero's Taco Bar did not disappoint. I highly recommend if you are ever in town.

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