Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Time flies

Its amazing how fast time goes by. I hadn't realized its been so long since I have posted here. But as they say no news is good news.

The heart has been ticking like clockwork. only the occasional epileptic. I have added D3 to my regiment and continuing to limit my calcium intake to see if that puts an end to those as well. I haven't been on the bike since September 2019. I have been having a hard time finding my way back to cycling since my last ablation. So much has happened along with time since I have been really regular with my cycling. I'm hoping that once the weather breaks the desire will come back.

I have been getting to the gym about 5 days a week though so I am getting good exercise. I am also doing allot of high rep sets and combining 2-3 exercises per muscle group. I'm avoiding any really heavy weights though as that is also tied to afib. The Gym is where my fitness addiction started so this is good.

Here is an example of what I am doing for my exercising. For chest my total reps need to be at least 60 total per exercise. I do 4 sets of 3 exercises. Bench Press-Dumbbell Fly's-Inclined Bench Press all done consecutively without rest in-between.

1st Set:
Bench Press : Olympic bar no weights 50 reps (warm-up) followed by 20 reps @135 lbs.
Dumbbell Fly's : 20 reps @25 lbs
Incline Press: 20 reps just using an Olympic Bar no weights (45 lbs)

I finish up by doing another 50 chest presses with just the Olympic bar. Today my total reps were Bench: 100 w/o weight and 65 @135 lbs. And 80 reps each Dumbbell Fly's and Incline Press.

I'm also dealing with a bad case of Bicep tendinitis. The doctor seams to think it will be ok in about 3 months. Someways I can barely lift my arm and other days it hardly bothers me at all. Surprisingly its not the gym days when it hurts the most. Its when I take a day or two off is when it really flares up. I have done some research and asked Dr. Google for some good ways to speed my recovery along. He suggested hanging from a bar my help and by golly it has.

Turns out Dr. Google has an associate shoulder surgeon that has allot of his patients try this passive exercise befog he will do surgery. You can read about it here. These guys also talk about it. They have allot of good videos covering a plethora of subjects. I'm amazed at  how much better my shoulder is compared to what it was before I started passive hanging. I hang for about 30 seconds between each set of exercises. I also hang at the end of a workout for 3/4 times for 30 seconds each.

All Gyms Aren't Created Equal

So we joined our current Gym a little over a year ago. The manager is a trainer that my wife used when we belonged to the local YMCA. It's in the basement of of a large office building. Its not fancy like the "Y". The equipment isn't new. But its a bona fide Gym. Those that know will know what I'm talking about.

I've belonged to several gyms in my lifetime as that is where my fitness addiction started. But non compare to RAT's Fitness Center that was located in the upstairs of a small office building in Vandergrift PA. The only other Gyms that even compare were  KFC (Kiski Fitness Center) and Robby Robs Gym which was formerly RAT's. The one thing these 3 all had in common was people that came to do one thing. And that one thing was to work out. They were all social to a point but only after the sweat started rolling. If you didn't get motivated in these places it was your own fault because the people working there and those who worked out there wanted to see you reach your goals and potential.

Our current Gym has that potential but its missing the key ingredient and that's Sammy Alberts and Robby Rob Robinson. Those 2 guys were motivators and allot of fun to be around as well. They could be serious but new when to lighten up.

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